Glute Activation: The Why

In today's day and age, there are a ton of buzzwords floating around that have different meanings and connotations. Glute training is one of them. You know what I mean. I mention gluten and you thing Instagram models doing squats in their Lululemon joggers. While there's nothing wrong with Lululemon joggers (because they're literally the most amazing pair of pants ever created) we only think in terms of look.

Big glutes are eye catching, but strong glutes are head turning.

The glutes are the most powerful, dense (in a muscle fiber cross section standpoint), and are important for pretty much everything we do in an erect (standing up) posture.

They control our lower extremities, can be the culprit to low back pain, but most importantly, they help drive hip internal rotation.

In a baseball population, hip internal rotation is one of the most important aspects to creating high level hip action. Athletes with well developed glutes typically stay healthier through their legs and spine, as well as excel in hitting, pitching, and running.

Developing the glutes takes time, patience, and proper actions. Our BB Supine Bridge is one of our favorite movements in developing strength through this very important muscle group.


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