Who Am I?

Six years ago, I began my journey as a professional in developing athletes. Fresh out of Oklahoma Baptist University, and back home in beautiful Southern California, I knew that my journey as an athlete through sport was preparing me for what we're doing today at Elevated Performance.

As an undersized, untalented athlete, I knew that I had to gain my edge somewhere. Lets start from the beginning.

When I decided baseball was my love, I worked hard at it. I took pitching lessons, read internet articles about pitching, and watched the draft videos that were posted on MLB's website (Youtube wasn't a thing yet) to learn how other people moved to throw hard. I improved, but it still wasn't enough, because I was obsessed with being the best I could be.

As an adult, I attended some of the premier training facilities the country had to offer while taking classes in Exercise Science and Physiology. Movement was incredibly fascinating to me, and to see the principles I was learning be applied to how I moved as an athlete kept me engaged in the process.

Pieces to the puzzle were coming together. Skill was important, but I was beginning to lean that my limitations in strength, kinesthetic awareness, mobility, proper nutrition, and an ability to see further than what was in front of me at the moment was my greatest adversary.

It wasn't until later in my endeavors that I started to train my body with a purpose. An individualized approach to strength and mobility training changed my career. I could throw harder while maintaining velocity through outings and long seasons, my body stayed healthy, and most importantly; I was seeking out new avenues to improve myself. I programed training for my teammates at the time, did throwing sessions with them, taught pitches, and everything in between. I am humanist at heart, I desire to see people succeed and become the best version of themselves possible.

Though it may have been too little too late, I was glad to have finally found the El Dorado to development: Everyone is different, you must train first to be an athlete THEN you can specialize in sport, and attention to detail in skill is key.

Enter Robert Van Scoyoc, Craig Wallenbrock, and the JD Martinez revamp.

I met Robert through a travel ball team (let's go, Clash!) and subsequently Craig. Their mind for hitting was unparalleled to anyone I had ever seen. Remember, I had traveled the US to seek answers. They turned a fringe cut athlete into a Silver Slugger. As impressive as that is at the outset, to hear the names and see the athletes who came in to work with Robert and Craig further validated that what they were doing worked, and it worked at the highest level of the game.

In 2015, we moved into a facility together under the name 'Elevated Performance,' the goal of which being to provide athletes a place where they could work to become the best versions of themselves. I routinely sat in with the hitting during the baseball offseason, where Robert and Craig oversaw the swing changes of over 100 professional baseball players (not to mention the collegiate and amateurs they worked with) while practicing the principles I had learned from training and skill to assist collegiate and professional pitchers in their offseason, and strength for the local amateur athletes.

Fast forward to the present - Elevated Performance stands as one of the premier facilities to develop as a baseball player. My time is divided between my new vocation as a hitting consultant, running the training and development programs with my hard working staff, and preparing to launch one of the most exciting and comprehensive programs for elite level pitchers. The lamps burn late into the night, and that's just the way we want it! We are constantly at work to learn everything we can so that we can help assist you no matter what your skill level is.

At Elevated Performance, you are family. As family, we will do everything in our power to help you become the best version of yourself possible.

So who am I? Simply put, I am Chris Antariksa, and I am here to serve you.


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